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Energy to Care is a free energy benchmarking and awards program for health care facility management professionals who want to provide value back to their organizations through energy savings. It gives users the opportunity to compare their energy reduction efforts to those of similar nearby facilities and to challenge each other to greater achievements. By achieving greater energy savings, hospitals can free up resources to support the organization’s mission of providing patients with the best care. The Energy to Care program also includes Awards that recognize hospitals for their energy efficiency achievements. 

OAHE hosts a statewide competition between hospital and medical offices to save energy and improve the utility budget bottom line. Competitors will work off the waste through improvements in energy efficiency with help from OAHE, ASHE, and the EPA's ENERGY STAR® program.

Getting Started with Energy to Care

Follow these five steps to participate in Energy to Care and take advantage of your complimentary Energy to Care Dashboard:
  1. Benchmark your data in Portfolio Manager®. | How-to | Video |
  2. Connect your Portfolio Manager account with ASHE and share your data | How-to | Video |
  3. Follow the same instructions in Step 2 and share your data with OAHE 
  4. Connect your Portfolio Manager account with Lucid’s BuildingOS and share your data | How-to |
  5. Email Energy Star Username to Helpdesk when sharing step is complete | Helpdesk |

Complete the ASHE Energy and Water Survey.



ASHE Energy to Care Chapter Challenge

OAHE is taking on other ASHE chapters in the Chapter Challenge! Follow the steps above to make sure you are participating with us.

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